AEW Wrestlers Weigh In On CM Punk On TV, Social Media

Hand gestures, X posts trickling out from talent in days since Punk's firing.

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It's been a couple of days since the seismic news that AEW fired CM Punk just hours before a weekend double feature in Chicago, and developments keep trickling out.

In case you've been living under a rock or were completely disconnected from social media for the past 72 hours, AEW on Saturday concluded a weeklong investigation into the backstage altercation between Punk and Jack Perry at All In, and company CEO Tony Khan announced he had fired the Second City Saint "for cause" after a unanimous recommendation from a disciplinary committee.


Since then, Khan has been rather tight-lipped about his decision, other than to say he regrets his actions but stands by them. He wouldn't even confirm whether Punk is subject to a non-compete clause that would prevent him from turning up in another company like WWE immediately.

But while Tony has been mostly reserved, some AEW stars have started to voice their opinions on the matter, some being rather coy, while others have been a lot more overt.


Unsurprisingly, both members of FTR threw up supportive gestures for Punk this weekend, as both Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler are friends with him. On Collision Saturday, Cash crossed his arms in an "X" as he accompanied Dax to the ring, with the X being one of Punk's signature gestures. During the All Out eight-man tag match between FTR/Young Bucks and Bullet Club Gold, Harwood briefly looked at an imaginary watch (no word on whether it was clobberin' time) before he and Matt Jackson hit a BTE Trigger on Jay White.

Turning to social media, Andrade El Idolo posted this on Sunday:


Rush weighed in on the controversy with a couple of tweets, including a few photos Saturday about his rivalry with Jack Perry, and then on Monday retweeted a comment that in part read, "Who cares about the CM Punk drama."

And finally, there's this cheeky commentary from Kenny Omega during the most recent Being the Elite (skip to 10:18):

There likely will be more comments forthcoming from wrestlers as opportunities present themselves.

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