AEW's Cash Wheeler Will NOT Face Criminal Charges

Charges against AEW star for alleged aggravated assault with a firearm have been dropped.

Cash Wheeler

PWInsider is reporting that all criminal charges against AEW star Cash Wheeler have been officially dropped. Prosecutors filed "Nolle Prosequi" on Wednesday afternoon; that Latin phrase is used to legally alert courts that the prosecution has decided to abandon a case.

Wheeler was due to stand trial starting on 20 May. He'd previously been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm after allegedly pointing a gun at someone during an incident in July 2023. Now, the trial won't go ahead, but there's even more to the story than that.


Due to the "Nolle Prosequi" filing, Cash can move forward with his life without fear of any further fallout from the incident. That'll come as a huge relief to the FTR man. He'd entered a not guilty plea for all charges set against him throughout the process.

Long story short, Wheeler can draw a line under this chapter and move forwards. He'd still been wrestling on AEW TV and pay-per-view with this impending trial hanging over his head. That won't be a worry any longer.


It's unclear at this time why the prosecution waited until a week before trial to file their cancellation.

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