AEW's Chris Jericho Regrets Never Working With THIS Wrestling "Hero"

After ruling out a match with Sting, Jericho admitted he wishes he'd wrestled another "hero".

Randy Savage WCW

Chris Jericho "wishes" he'd been given the chance to wrestle 'Macho Man' Randy Savage when the pair were on the same roster back in the WCW days.

The AEW star responded to a fan tweet by saying Randy was "one of [his] heroes for sure". Later in the same thread, Jericho also revealed that the icon was "always nice" to him behind the scenes - there are loads of stories out there about Savage being fiercely protective of Miss. Elizabeth, or perhaps a little standoffish on show days.


That intensity definitely existed, but Jericho didn't see that side of 'Macho'. The legend was always polite to him, but they'd never get to mix it up in-ring. That's something the JAS leader regrets now, perhaps because it was the only chance he had to work opposite someone he idolised.

Jericho grew up recreating Randy's critically-acclaimed WrestleMania III bout vs. Ricky Steamboat with friends, and he was on the same roster as Savage between 1996-1999. However, Chris was very-much a WCW midcarder and rarely clashed with headliners on TV.


'Macho Man' vs. 'Y2J' is one match that'll obviously never happen.


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