AEW's Dax Harwood Encourages Fans Not To Pick A Side

Enjoy everything.


FTR's Dax Harwood posted a message on Twitter encouraging wrestling fans to enjoy both AEW Dynamite and WWE's weekly NXT offerings on Wednesday nights.

Harwood was then quickly disemboweled by the Twitter police for daring to be fair about something.

OK, that obviously didn't happen. Most replies to the AEW man's tweet were actually positive, and suggested that fans are already lapping up the weekly competition. This dual enjoyment can get lost in the shuffle when discussing favourites or defending one promotion over the other.


Harwood is sick of it. He believes wrestling fans are "lucky" to have so much great content and to witness a battle between two shows. The tag-team star also noted that he loved both the nWo (in WCW) and The Hart Foundation (in the WWF) when he was growing up as a fan himself in 1997.

Dax watched Dynamite back and then checked out what was happening in NXT. He likes what he sees, and thinks it's about time everybody talked wrestling up rather than fighting some imaginary fight against a rival brand.


This fairness thing may never catch on, Mr. Harwood.

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