AEW's Dustin Rhodes Reveals Most "Hurtful" WWE Moment

Vince McMahon's words p*ssed AEW's Dustin Rhodes off before he left WWE.

Cody Rhodes Dustin Rhodes

AEW star Dustin Rhodes has admitted that something Vince McMahon repeatedly told him "really depleted every ounce of passion" he had for WWE life.

The WWE boss palmed off Dustin's pitch for a WrestleMania match opposite his brother Cody every year, but it was something else he said that "p*ssed off" the Rhodes brothers - Vince looked Dustin in the eye and said that Goldust vs. Cody "wasn't good enough" to be on the 'Mania card.

That, to Dustin, was incredibly "hurtful". It affected him quite a bit.


Rhodes told the 'Way Of The Blade' show that McMahon's denial only made him more determined to prove that a war between siblings could work. He and Cody eventually got to live their dream at AEW's debut Double Or Nothing pay-per-view in 2019, and they were desperate to put on a show.

They were doing it for themselves, of course, but a little part of Dustin wanted to stick it to Vince and prove him wrong. He believes the pair achieved that, and he's still salty about WWE's staunch refusal to put him vs. Cody on the 'Mania lineup.

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