AEW's Explosive New TV Deal Worth $175 Million

New specifics emerge on AEW's shiny new TV deal.

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With the cat now out of the bag that AEW and WarnerMedia have extended their working relationship through until 2023, there are now a few more bits of information coming out on this new deal to continue to air AEW Dynamite on TNT for the next three years.

As per AEW enthusiast Dave Meltzer over at the Wrestling Observer, this new extension is technically for four years at a total of $175 million. That means that AEW will be receiving $45 million per year as part of the deal, with TNT having the option to extend through 2024 at a vastly increased price.

This arrangement will now make AEW profitable for 2020 and beyond, and there is a plan in place to debut a new AEW series at some point in the future. Details on that new series indicate that it will be a one-hour weekly wrestling show that will be taped on the same night that Dynamite tapings take place.


With that in mind, however, this new show will not air on Wednesday nights alongside Dynamite. Likewise, this new offering may not even air on TNT. WarnerMedia has options such as HBO Max, OTT, and TBS as other viable locations for any such new AEW offering, should the organisation see any of those as a better fit for this new series.

And for those wondering, any new weekly AEW content will not be affecting the future of the YouTube-housed AEW Dark.


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