AEW's Long-Term Plans For Miro Revealed

Here's how AEW President Tony Khan plans on booking Miro in the future...


Speaking on yesterday's pre-Winter Is Coming media call, AEW President Tony Khan said that he eventually plans on making Miro a huge star within the promotion.

Here's what Khan had to say on 'The Best Man':-

"Miro's going to be a big star here. It's really hard for people to come into AEW with the ranking system, unless they come in at the start of a new year cycle. I didn't want to wait 'til January to bring Miro in. Brian Cage was the exception... but I can't do that for everybody and I wasn't going to do it again, so I just couldn't put Miro in the main event with no record and no history here."

Khan went on, saying that AEW had to build Miro up and create the right story, adding that he didn't want to cast a Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, MJF, Cody Rhodes, Ricky Starks, Darby Allin, or Brian Cage aside to create a spot.


"Miro is now going to be a huge part of AEW, but, just like everyone else, he has to win matches and get involved in stories," said Tony.

Finally, Khan said that AEW is in the process of contextualising Miro. He spoke of the need to rebuild the former 'Bulgarian Brute' after WWE "beat him up so badly," saying that the guy he signed wasn't the one who drove a tank into WrestleMania.


Miro's creative direction has been widely criticised since he first arrived in AEW as Kip Sabian's 'Best Man'. The former Rusev has been locked in a feud with Best Friends and Orange Cassidy for the past few months, competing solely on the midcard.

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