AEW's Matt Hardy Shoots On Heat With Jeff Jarrett

Matt Hardy has lingering heat with AEW new boy Jeff Jarrett over an old incident.

Jeff Jarrett

Matt Hardy discussed some lingering backstage heat with AEW newcomer Jeff Jarrett during the most recent episode of his podcast.

There's a bit of tension between both men because of an incident that happened back in 2015 on the independent circuit. The legendary pair were clashing for WrestleCade that November when Jeff's standard guitar-smashing spot went wrong and Matt ended up needing stitches in hospital.

That annoyed Hardy's wife Reby Sky, and it's why "she's not a big Jeff Jarrett fan in general". Matt admitted that he and Jarrett have never properly thrashed out what went wrong, so there's still a bit of bad blood between them.


However, Hardy is unwilling to throw Jeff under the bus professionally or badmouth his deal with Tony Khan. That's their business, but Matt just fancies steering clear of anything involving Jarrett and musical instruments from here on out.

Hardy does think that Jarrett speaking publicly about him recently is an attempt to "bait" him into saying something back. Matt doesn't really want to keep the heat going, and says he can "coexist" with Jeff behind the scenes in All Elite.

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