AEW's Max Caster Lands Deal With TMZ

Mark Henry helped The Acclaimed man broker a new opportunity to run his mouth...

Max Caster

Mark Henry has revealed that he helped broker a new deal between All Elite Wrestling's Max Caster and celebrity and entertainment news organisation TMZ.

Speaking on the Battleground Podcast, Henry revealed that the Acclaimed man will use his new platform to rip on various aspects of pop culture (h/t for the transcription):-

“I just recently fostered a deal with TMZ and Max Caster. Now every week, he’s going to be on TMZ ripping Hollywood, ripping sports, ripping wrestling. Tune in to see what Max Caster is going to do every week.”

There's no word on what, exactly, this will entail or when it will start, but it sounds like a good fit for Caster. Alongside partner Anthony Bowens, the 31-year-old has gotten over with his microphone skills and sharp-witted pre-match raps in AEW, cutting down every opponent he faces before he has even hit the ring.


Tying in with this, Henry also spoke on how AEW needs to do a better job of integrating itself with other forms of media (h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription):-

"The number one thing I would want to put out there is, we have to do more of this, er, marketing and creating relationships with media and not just big media but the grassroots media, the podcasts, the companies that are interested in pro-wrestling, not only to market but for fans."

Henry will serve as part of the AEW Rampage broadcast team when the show debuts on 13 August, having debuted with the promotion as a Double Or Nothing 2021 surprise.

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