AEW's MJF Blasts "Overrated" Ex-WWE Champ

MJF didn't go easy on this former WWE World Champion during a spectacular social media rant.

alberto del rio royal rumble

MJF didn't mince his words when a fan on Twitter drew comparisons between his onscreen character and the one played by former WWE star Alberto Del Rio/El Patron.

The reigning AEW World Champion blasted El Patron with a spectacular social media rant that torched Alberto's professional and private lives in one fell swoop. Amongst other things, MJF called El Patron a "bad promo", "overrated", and "a poser".


Turning the spotlight onto more private matters away from the ring, Friedman said Alberto was "a racist", "an abuser" and "a drug addict". He refused to hold back then, and the rant drew significant attention from fans following the thread.

Alberto was charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault in October 2020, but the charges were dropped in December 2021. The ex-WWE World Champ has discussed pursuing a return to the big time, but that seems impossible - it's unlikely that Triple H or Tony Khan would sign him in 2023.


MJF then replied to another fan who said it'd be difficult to continue booing him after reading that. "Then try blowing me instead", the AEW star retorted.

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