AEW's Taz Shoots On Fan Claiming WWE Saved His Career

That Twitter user was just another victim.

Taz Brian Cage

Don't mess with Taz on Twitter.

The AEW man scorched a fan who claimed that WWE saved his career in 2001 by turning him into a colour commentator. That same user isn't happy that Taz used his new platform to takes shots at his old employer by saying they run a "sloppy shop".

Taz fired back by laughing off suggestions that WWE saved anything.


He said that the company gave him an opportunity to do something different (which he appreciated at the time), but described things as a "two way street". Then, he added, "I was supplying them with a need & providing my services. They did that to capiltize on $ invest in me & they NEEDED a new fresh voice".

Some fans responded in agreement, but others still believe Taz shouldn't have taken pot shots at WWE.


Taz doesn't seem to care. The former 'Human Suplex Machine' turned announcer thinks WWE had to try someone new behind the commentary desk anyway, and believes he managed to turn their experiment into a new role for himself.

What do you think of Taz's comments? Do you agree or disagree with his "sloppy shop" line and follow-up Twitter remarks?

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