AEW's TV Show Name Revealed?



According to Twitter user Alex McCarthy, the U.S. Editor for talkSPORT, it appears that All Elite Wrestling has at last settled on the name for its upcoming live two-hour TV show: All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite.

Writes McCarthy:

"Wednesday Night Dynamite' has long been considered the name for AEW on TNT and it has now emerged that they officially applied to trademark 'All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite' back on September 12."

Author's note:

Not the worst, not the best.

Dropping the 'Wednesday Night' prefix is probably a better idea. There's one too many syllables in that - it's unwieldy to say - and, not being an established show like Monday Night RAW, may cause time zone confusion in markets beyond the United States.

It's a fairly generic name, in truth, but that's no bad thing. This, after all, is a show that aims to penetrate the mainstream. Anything too affected or pretentious or niche might repel the broader audience. 'Dynamite' of course echoes back to Nitro in some way, so there's a connotation of a different, reprised wrestling past in addition to connotations of the promised, explosive in-ring action.

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