AJ Styles "Returns" To Impact Wrestling

The Phenomenal One returned to Impact Wrestling last night, but not in AJ Styles form...

WWE/Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling teased the return of 'The Phenomenal One' heading into last night's show, and they delivered. AJ Styles is back in Nashville.

Sort of.

Okay, not really.


It turns out Impact had deliberately used verbiage relating to Styles, a company legend, as a ruse for Hornswoggle. Fightful Select reported that this would be the case ahead of last night's show, with Hornswoggle booked to work a parody gimmick alongside The Good Brothers.

Karl Anderson had previously lined up a "phenomenal" opponent for The North's Ethan Page. While AJ's WWE contract made him showing up an impossibility, that Styles was once part of Bullet Club with Anderson and Luke Gallows at least tied the situation together. In the end, though, it was 'Swoggle, who came out to Styles' old TNA theme, mimicked AJ's entrance, was announced as "'The Wee-nomial One' CJ 'Swoggle."


Sure, why not?

Here's a clip of 'Swoggle's arrival:-


'Swoggle, who had a brief cameo on last week's AEW Dynamite, defeated Page via roll-up, capitalising on a distraction stemming from a ringside brawl between Anderson and Josh Alexander. Page had to defeat the newcomer in order for The North to secure a Tag Team Title rematch with the Good Brothers.

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