AJ Styles Names His Dream Opponent For WWE WrestleMania 37

Styles isn't keeping quiet about his intentions for 'Mania...

Time to play 'The Game'?

AJ Styles thinks so, because he specifically named Triple H as his dream opponent for WrestleMania 37 during a recent stream on his official Twitch channel.

The now-former Intercontinental Champion said that "there's always a reason" for wanting to work with somebody. For example, he learned lots from tangling with The Undertaker at 'Mania 36, and thinks he could get a lot of mileage out of a feud opposite fellow legend Trips.


What a match that'd be, but don't start getting too excited - this was just AJ rambling to fans whilst playing video games. It's unlikely he'd give away WWE's plans for such a monumental match that way. Still, it's an exciting thought, and the match would be a great fit for WrestleMania next year.

Styles also offered to take the fight to NXT and give the brand something special. He ended up cutting a mini-promo on Triple H whilst streaming, which was fun, and closed with, "Just let me know!".


Would you like to see AJ Styles vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 37? If so, would you rather it was a straight up singles match or a gimmick bout?

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