AJ Styles Says He Couldn't Stand To Look At Paul Heyman In WWE

"You wouldn't believe how many people despised the guy."


Yesterday saw WWE wrestler AJ Styles go into greater detail on his backstage issues with former RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman, following on from recent claims that Paul E. is a "liar" who engineered Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows' releases from the company.

Speaking on a Twitch stream, Styles reasserted that "Paul advocated for Gallows and Anderson to get released," then lied to AJ's face, claiming he had nothing to do with their firings. Styles alleged that this was because Gallows and Anderson didn't like dealing with Heyman, who didn't want to "make them bigger stars" and felt the duo were paid too much, leading to the former ECW man organising the tandem's departure.

AJ called this "the real story."


On Heyman's alleged lying habit:-

“I talked to a lot of guys about this situation, and you wouldn’t believe how many people that I work with despised this guy because of his lies. And he’d find ways to try and throw them under the bus when he screwed up, he would try to throw them under the bus so they would get in trouble. I heard this from several, several different people."

Styles added that "it was almost kinda hard to find somebody who liked him." He believes that Vince McMahon removed Paul from his creative position because Vince is a "very smart man who can see through a lot of crap" and "finally saw what everybody already knew."


Stating once again that Heyman was the reason behind AJ's move from RAW to SmackDown, Styles statied that he "couldn't stand to look" at Brock Lesnar's 'Advocate' by the end.

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