AJ Styles WWE Merchandise Sells Out Again

Styles is proving very popular in WWE.

AJ Styles' WWE merchandise has sold out once again. This time it was his $19.99 gloves going out of stock, with Styles noting on Twitter that WWE "sold out of them." This follows the sell out of his t-shirts in the week after his Royal Rumble debut. As a high flying babyface, and with his indy credibility, it's easy to see why Styles is so likeable with fans and a hot merchandise seller. Lots of people are marks for him, there is a willingness to splash out money on his items. He's also been aided by a solid upper mid card push from WWE. Right away, they established him as a key guy by giving him a long run in the Royal Rumble match. They then put him in a feud with Chris Jericho which was a key part of Raw and Smackdown for the last month. All of his matches have been good. The question now will be if WWE take note of the strong merchandise sales and push AJ even further. The problem with that is his age. He'll be turning forty next year, usually an age where careers in WWE start dwindling down, not skyrocket with pushes.
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