Al Snow "Structured" THIS Legendary WWE Match

Not many fans could've known that Al Snow was responsible for a WWE classic.

Kurt Angle Shane McMahon

Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon at WWE's King Of The Ring 2001 pay-per-view remains a company classic.

The pair kicked the living sh*t out of one another back in June '01, but did you know that Al Snow was reportedly responsible for "structuring" and laying out most of the spots Kurt and Shane did that night? Angle revealed via his podcast that Al put the thing together backstage.

That's something Kurt remains grateful for, because he knows just how fondly fans remember the brawl.


Angle did also say that Shane "added a few different trinkets" to the bout, but it was Snow who came up with the bulk - he was the one who suggested the duo start things off in-ring with a surprising amount of wrestling. Then, when they were ready to start "street fighting", the violence would be even more impactful.

Al also reasoned that finishing the match back inside the ring would bring things full circle, and Kurt believes that decision added so much to the psychology of the spectacle.


Snow's WWE agenting career should've skyrocketed after producing that one. He crafted a scorcher.

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