Alberto Del Rio Not Expected Back In WWE

Suspended star likely won't be returning...

Alberto Del Rio Black And White

With an out in his WWE contract that would allow him to leave the company next month and more than three weeks left on a thirty-day Wellness Policy suspension, Alberto Del Rio is not expected to make a return to WWE television.

According to The Wrestling Observer, "the betting line is that Del Rio will not be back." Even prior to the suspension, there were rumors that he was unhappy with both his spot in the company and the fact that he and girlfriend Paige were sent to different shows in the WWE draft. Just days before the suspension was handed down, Del Rio and Paige were spotted at a Combate Americas MMA event, which was seen by some in the company as a potential bargaining tactic and was not appreciated.

Del Rio's initial tenure with WWE saw him win two WWE Championships, two World Heavyweight Championships, a Royal Rumble, and a Money in the Bank match, but he was fired in 2014 following an altercation with an office employee who made a racist remark. Del Rio returned to the company in fall of 2015 with a rumored big-money contract, but despite a clean win over John Cena for the U.S. Championship, he quickly stagnated.

As for Paige, the former Divas' Champion's contract runs until April of 2019, so unless she were to be released, she would not be able to leave the company until then.

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