Aleister Black Reveals Why WWE Fired Him

The Dutch Destroyer explains what WWE told him.

Aleister Black NXT

With WWE releasing six talents earlier today, Aleister Black has moved to reveal that budget cuts were the reason why he was let go by the company.

The former NXT Champion was released alongside Braun Strowman, Ruby Riott, Lana, Santana Garrett and Buddy Murphy today, and the Wrestling Observer notes that Black appeared on Thea Trinidad’s Twitch account and explained how he was told that he was being fired due to budgets cuts.

Given how the Dutch Destroyer had recently been repackaged and brought back to WWE programming after nearly six months off TV, his release was one of the more surprising of the six names announced today.

Having already changed his Twitter handle back to his Tommy End moniker, the talented Harbinger of Fury took to social media to declare how the news of his WWE exit came completely out of left field, before later adding how he’s not mad at this development.


As for the aforementioned Thea Trinidad, aka Zelina Vega, there were reports last month that she’d agreed to return to WWE after being fired by the company late last year. Trinidad was spotted at the WWE Performance Center in May, but reports indicate that she has not yet signed a contract for any sort of WWE return.

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