Alexa Bliss Comments On Missing WWE Raw

Some fans were worried when Alexa Bliss didn't show up on Monday's WWE Raw.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss wasn't featured on this week's episode of WWE Raw.

The brand's announcers never referenced Bliss, her "stupid doll" Lilly or any of the crazy capers that happened between Alexa and Eva Marie at SummerSlam. In fact, Eva worked a short angle with old sidekick Doudrop that had nothing to do with 'Little Miss Bliss'.

Some fans picked up on Alexa's absence and worried that she might've fallen out of favour with creative. Bliss allayed those fears on Twitter by replying to a tweet with, "I'm fine - thank you!". Later, Bliss also said that she thought Oklahoma City was "nice", but that she was ready to spend some time at home.


It seems there's nothing behind her skipping Raw this week though.

WWE perhaps wanted to focus more on Doudrop vs. Marie than anything else. There's also no clear spot for Alexa on Raw now that Nia Jax is in line for a shot at Charlotte Flair's Raw Women's Title. Who knows if Bliss will return on next week's program to launch a fresh feud with someone else in the division?


Her AWOL status is nothing to fret about, at least.

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