Alexa Bliss Hits Back At Criticism Of WWE Creative

Little Miss Bliss responds to fan criticism about Lilly.

Alexa Bliss Lilly

With the current creative direction of Alex Bliss certainly splitting opinion amongst wrestling fans, Little Miss Bliss herself has responded to online criticism about how WWE is using her at present.

After the official WWE Twitter account posted a clip of Bliss defeating Sasha Banks to become Raw Women's Champion on 28 August 2017 - yesterday obviously marking four years since that moment - one person saw this as the perfect opportunity to slam how Alexa can nowadays be found playing with a doll.

For Bliss, she responded to this comment and dropped in how said doll keeps selling out at WWE Shop.


After becoming aligned with Bray Wyatt last year, Alexa Bliss underwent a gimmick change that now sees her positioned as a somewhat supernatural entity with, like, magic powers and stuff. And forever at her side, there's the spooky, teleporting, winking Lilly doll.

As mentioned, this current creative for Alexa has definitely received mixed reviews from wrestling fans.

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