Alicia Fox Is Apparently Done With WWE

'Legend' moved to Alumni section of website.

Alicia Fox

It's looking as if Alicia Fox's glittering WWE career may have came to an official end, after her website profile was quietly shifted over to the 'Alumni' section.

Fox was not an active part of WWE's two-part draft this past week, and she wasn't assigned to either Raw or SmackDown after the fact.

The Floridan has not wrestled a match for the company since a Main Event taping this past April. She and Tamina lost in a tag team contest to The IIconics.

In February, Fox was embroiled in an incident which indirectly led to long-time producer Arn Anderson being fired from the company. Double A took the blame for allowing her to wrestle after she turned up for a house show in an allegedly intoxicated state.

The veteran 'Diva' made her main roster debut with WWE all the way back in 2008, after spending two years in development divisions OVW and FCW. In her 11 years service with the company, Fox has won one Divas Championship, mastered the Northern Lights Suplex, and achieved not a lot else.

WWE have yet to release an official statement confirming Fox's departure.

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