Amanda Huber Says -1 Can Only Go To AEW Shows When He Does Well At School

Some wholesome Huber family AEW content to brighten your day.

Brodie Lee Jr. -1

If you are wondering why -1 hasn't been on AEW television a lot lately, it's because for a while, he wasn't keeping up with his schoolwork.

Responding to Instagram user brobey42, who joked that -1 isn't allowed to go to Dynamite until he gets his grades up, Amanda Hubert revealed that this is actually the cause.

"100% He stopped doing his work so he lost privileges," wrote Amanda of her son, Brodie. "I don't make any money off any appearances he does at AEW, it's purely for fun. It's his favorite place in the world and a reward for hard work. He managed to finish his school year with all A's & B's despite slipping up a bit. I'm very proud of him."


-1 has re-emerged in AEW lately, highlighted by him taking care of referee Rick Knox on this week's Dark.

26 December 2020 saw -1's father, Jonathan 'Brodie Lee' Huber, tragically pass away at 41 years old, having undergone months of treatment for a lung condition. Amanda has since spoken highly of the way AEW has looked after her family in the aftermath, as -1 has moved into a joyous televised role alongside The Dark Order.


An AEW contract awaits Brodie Jr. should he want to wrestle when he turns 18.

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