AMAZING Hidden MJF Detail From Last Night's AEW Dynamite

He's better than you, and he showed it.

MJF William Regal

New AEW World Heavyweight Champion MJF was in rare form during last night's edition of Dynamite, and it wasn't just because of the incredible promo he cut at the expense of Bryan Danielson, Eddie Kingston, Ricky Stark, William Regal and just about everybody else in sight.

For the big occasion of his first on-screen appearance as AEW Champion (and the unveiling of his "Big Burberry Belt" edition of the prestigious title), 'The Salt Of The Earth' was sporting a special customised suit. But it took the type of television only the Champ himself could afford to be able to make out the unique detail that set it apart from the norm.

With "Better Than You" delicately woven into the material, MJF was smashing the self-promotion, as well as taking a less-than-subtle shot at former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Champion Connor McGregor following a recent spat between the two.


Friedman's jab was clearer by the end of his Dynamite missive, unlike the shot he delivered to the back of William Regal's head. MJF concluded his promo by decking the former Blackpool Combat Club steward, having seemingly gotten all he needs from the legendary Brit.

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