Andrade El Idolo: "I Feel A Little Stagnant [In AEW]... I Want More"

Andrade El Idolo opens up on apparent dissatisfaction in AEW.

Andrade el Idolo

Habitual dissatisfaction teaser Andrade El Idolo has stated that he feels "a little stagnant" in All Elite Wrestling at the moment.

Interviewed by Más Lucha, Andrade stated that although he has a "good contract" and enjoys AEW's schedule, he wants more, particularly now that his La Faccion Ingobernable ally Rush has signed with AEW.

Said El Idolo (h/t Cultaholic):-

"Right now I feel a little stagnant. I feel like I want more. I feel like although I have a good contract, the schedule is good. I like the schedule because WWE was inhuman, it was quite a lot. People cannot imagine, they think because he is fighting on TV, it is the only time he fights. There are non-televised matches in other cities, other countries. Right now it's difficult because I want more. I feel like I want more now that Rush is back. It's the pressure that we want more."

Andrade has dropped several hints that he isn't particularly happy in AEW over the past few weeks, using social media to tease this. Amongst other things, the 32-year-old has liked, reposted, and tweeted various concerns regarding his usage in the Tony Khan-helmed promotion, which is now being actively reflected in televised storylines.

This Friday's Rampage features Andrade vs. Dark Order's 10 in a Career vs. Mask match. El Idolo's actions in recent weeks could therefore be interpreted as kayfabe, particularly as he is now exploring similar ground on TV.

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