Andrade Suspended 30 Days For WWE Wellness Policy Violation

The United States Champion was written off on last night's Raw.

andrade carillo

Andrade has been handed a 30-day suspension for violating WWE's Wellness Policy, forcing the company into a late rewrite of last night's Raw.

Pro Wrestling Sheet broke this story yesterday. They noted that the Hammerlock DDT onto the concrete delivered by Humberto Carrillo was supposed to write 'El Idolo' off for the next thirty days, and that there is no word of what, exactly, triggered the violation.

PWInsider came through with a follow-up report shortly after, claiming that WWE learned of the violation at some point on Monday and had to come up with new Raw content for their United States Champion as a result. They had originally planned a less brutish continuation of Andrade's ongoing programme with Carrillo.

It has also been noted that Andrade is expected to head back to his native Mexico today. Also, Zelina Vega is unlikely to feature on television while her charge is absent.

Andrade's suspension comes little over a month after Robert Roode and Primo Colon were handed similar Wellness Policy punishments. Those were the first reported violations since October 2016, when Paige served 60 days for her second transgression in as many months.

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