Another Big WWE Star Quarantined - WrestleMania Match In Jeopardy?

The current global situation could claim ANOTHER WrestleMania match...

Bobby Lashley missed the 16 March episode of WWE Raw because he was locked in quarantine.

This is the word of Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, with the writeup stating that Lashley was supposed to be on the above Raw show to build to his thrown-together WrestleMania 36 clash with Aleister Black, but was forced to lock himself down after returning to the United States from a promotional tour in South Africa.

Black vs. Lashley was announced on Monday night. It has had precisely zero build, with Bobby's situation seemingly preventing him from appearing on this week's show as well.

There's currently no word on what will happen with the scheduled WrestleMania 36 match, though Meltzer is reporting that several unnamed wrestlers have had to pull out of the event as a result of what's currently going on around the world. This is purely speculative, but putting two plus two together in this situation may equal Lashley, though the bout is still on the marquee.

The Observer also notes that Lana was made available earlier than expected after the global crisis put a halt on her movie shoot, which may have led to Lashley vs. Black's conception.

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