Another Match Added To WWE Extreme Rules 2018

SmackDown pair resume rivalry this Sunday.

Andrade Almas Sin Cara Extreme Rules

It had been rumoured all week, and now WWE have confirmed via their Twitter account that Andrade Almas and Sin Cara will resume their ongoing feud at Extreme Rules - albeit on the Kickoff show.

The pair met this past week on SmackDown, with the Idol dispatching of the man with no face pretty handily. For whatever reason, the company feels eleven matches simply isn't enough for Sunday's pay-per-view, and have decided to exhume a feud which seemed to have decisively ended to fill out the numbers.

It's great news for fans of Almas - which includes pretty much all of us - as it represents his first competitive appearance on a main roster WWE PPV. Unlike his incredible battles with Johnny Gargano and Drew McIntyre, he can expect his big boys' bow to be interrupted by adverts for fried chicken, broadband providers, or some such nonsense.


'Cien' isn't the only one making his PPV debut on the pre-show: NXT call-ups Sanity are also set to pair off with The New Day in a tables match before the curtain is raised on Sunday. Ought to be good - so long as we get to see most of it.

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