AOP Member Dismisses Retirement Rumours After Telling Writer "I'm Not A Wrestler"

News on the Authors of Pain, who haven't been seen since leaving WWE in 2020.


Authors of Pain member Gzim 'Rezar' Selmani has reacted to talk that he and former WWE tag team partner Sunny 'Akam' Dhinsa have retired from professional wrestling, having previously told a writer "I'm not a wrestler" in late April.

Here's a screenshot of the relevant Instagram DM exchange, with Selmani hinting at retirement in response to an interview request:-

Fightful Select reported on Wednesday that a promoter had indicated that upon trying to contact AOP, they were told both members had "retired" from wrestling, with the outlet also learning that Selmani and Dhinsa were both working regular jobs now.

AEW had previously passed on using the duo as they weren't deemed a good fit at the time, but didn't close the door entirely, while NJPW didn't have the budget to bring them in at that point and weren't importing a lot of talent anyway.


Selmani has since posted the following image of him and Dhinsa with their old NXT manager, Paul Ellering, at what looks like a WWE live event:-

AOP were cut by WWE in September 2020 and neither has re-emerged in professional wrestling since then. If they were informing promoters and interviewers they were retired earlier this year, it looks like they may have reconsidered.

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