Are WWE Actually Done With The New Day?

Maybe goodbye or maybe see you later.

New Day Farewell

New Day heroes Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were booked to say their farewells to one another on last night's episode of WWE SmackDown, but all might not be as it seems.

Listen carefully and you might've heard E promising that the group would "remain stronger" than ever before now they've been split up in the Draft. That' interesting way to put it considering WWE's announcers claim New Day are yesterday's news.

This is either WWE's way of keeping a comeback on ice (it's unlikely, but there's always a chance Big E's singles run will fail or creative will mess it up somehow), or it was just E showing solidarity and temporarily going off-script.


It does raise the question though: Are WWE actually done with New Day as a threesome, or will they go back on this split due to the often-forgotten 'Brand-To-Brand Invitational'? That, in theory, would allow E to show up on Raw occasionally and reunite with his pals.

Their wording didn't seem that definitive on SmackDown - E, Woods and Kofi presented their farewell as more of a 'see you later' than a proper 'goodbye'.

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