Aries And Neville To Meet Again At Extreme Rules?

Plus: what's the story behind the finish to their Payback match?

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At last Sunday's Payback show, no fewer than five of the eight scheduled matches were reruns of previous PPV offerings. Admittedly, this seems fair given the name of the event, though you'd have thought by the end of proceedings all outstanding debts would have been settled.

Think again!

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, early rumours have it that Neville and Austin Aries are set to square off once again at 4 June's Extreme Rules PPV, in what really ought to be the final bout in their series. Of all the matches from Payback to rerun (or re-rerun), this one is eminently sensible: it was blighted by a screwy finish, and the pair are capable of working up a storm, so why not have another helping?

About that muddled ending to the last match: the Newsletter also reports that Neville was originally set to defeat Aries until it was changed at the final hour to the ref bump which ended the tie in a DQ. As with the Bayley/Alexa Bliss debacle, there's no real reason why WWE changed their minds on the details of this outcome, though with the pair's rivalry ongoing, it was the right decision - albeit poorly executed.

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