Assessing Future Of 10 WWE Stars Who Didn’t Make Royal Rumble 2019 Cut

10. Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley

Get hyped, bro.

Or, y'know, just gaze into a mirror 24 hours after the Rumble on Raw and promise the world they'll see a better, more dangerous Mojo Rawley sometime soon. This mirror gimmick is either a brave new dawn for Mojo as a character (one that could examine a wrestler so overlooked he's losing his mind), or it could be another disappointment.

Only time will tell, but recent history for the ex-Hype Bro suggests he shouldn't get his hopes up. WWE blatantly don't have a clue what to do with the guy, and he's been pretty much useless since splitting from his tag-team with Zack Ryder. Moving to Raw hasn't eased his woes one bit.

Mojo badly needs some sort of direction. He can talk, but he's nothing outstanding on he mic. He can wrestle, but he's hardly a super-worker akin to Seth Rollins, AJ Styles or Finn Bálor. Rawley is just sort of there at the mo', and we don't see that changing.


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