Austin Aries Suffers Eye Injury At NXT Live Event

Star posts graphic photo of injury on Twitter.


Austin Aries has been one of the most valuable players in NXT since joining the brand early this year, but due to a freak accident, his path to the top may been put on hold temporarily.

At Wednesday evening's NXT live event in Fresno, California, Aries was wrestling NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura when "The King of Strong Style" caught him with an errant kick to the face. Aries immediately went down, clutching his eye. The referee checked Aries, threw up the "X" hand signal to ask for help, then called for the belt, ending the match abruptly.

Today, Austin Aries took to Twitter to let fans know just how he's doing - and he did it with a very graphic picture:

Though there's no word as to when Aries will be back in action - or if he and partner Roderick Strong will have to drop out of the injury-cursed Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament - the upbeat attitude of "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" hopefully means that he won't miss too much time. Nevertheless, Aries's left eye is swollen shut, and he likely won't be cleared until he can see out of it.

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