Awesome Kong Makes Surprise Appearance At AEW Double Or Nothing

Former 'Kharma' invades first ever women's match.

Awesome Kong Aew Double Or Nothing

The first women's match in All Elite Wrestling history started with something of a bang, with the unexpected announcement of a secret fourth competitor.

As the competing trio of Britt Baker, Nyla Rose and Kylie Rae prepared to get going, they were interrupted by Brandi Rhodes. AEW's Chief Brand Officer, dressed in full ring gear, intimated she was to enter the match herself - only to spring the colossal surprise of none other than Awesome Kong.

Kong, who briefly wrestled in WWE as Kharma and has mostly recently earned acclaim for her performance in Netflix's GLOW, emerged to a rapturous reception, before running rampage against her three befeared opponents.


Ultimately, the interloper couldn't prevail, ousted from the ring as Britt Baker rolled to victory over 'Smiley' Kylie Rae.

It's unclear if this is a one-off for Kong, or a long-term signing. For the sake of AEW's women division, we hope it's the latter.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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