AWOL WWE Star "Working Hard" On A Major Comeback

It shouldn't be too long until you see this WWE star on Raw or SmackDown again.

Jinder Mahal

Drew McIntyre has told CricketNext that his good pal Jinder Mahal is "working hard" on "making a big splash" when he returns to WWE television.

Former WWE Champ Mahal has only worked once since July. He lost a SmackDown World Cup bout to recent returnee Braun Strowman in less than two minutes on the 11 November episode of SmackDown; before that, Jinder last wrestled in a tag match with Shanky against The Viking Raiders on the 22 July edition.

Appearances have been sparse then, but Mahal hopes to show more of his skills when he launches a comeback soon. McIntyre is excited to see it, because he wants his mate to show "why he's a former World Champion".


It's likely Triple H will put a red line through Jinder's comedy tag with Shanky though. Together, the pair became regular enhancement workers for others in the doubles ranks, and they even tried out some rapping during backstage skits.

Jinder is regarded by many as one of the worst WWE Champions of all time, but he still has his place on programming. Look out for his return soon.

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