Backstage AEW Update On The Relationship Between FTR And The Elite

How are things between CM Punk's close buddies and the Elite these days?

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While CM Punk and the Elite were kept at completely different sides of Toronto's Scotiabank Arena at last night's Forbidden Door, many have pondered what the relationship is like between FTR and the AEW EVPs.

Of course, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler are close friends of CM Punk's, and FTR these days find themselves once again paired up with the Second City Saint since Punk's return to action on AEW Collision's premiere.


Added to that, some have speculated that there's genuine animosity between FTR and the Bucks, with both laying claim to being the best tag team on the planet. For those wondering if the muddied relationship CM Punk has with the Elite has spilled over to include FTR, that is seemingly not the case.

Speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio (via, Dave Meltzer noted how things are fine between Harwood, Wheeler, the Jacksons and Kenny Omega.


As Meltzer explained:

"FTR and Omega, the Young Bucks, they're all fine. Some people think it's like this divide with Punk and FTR against these guys. With Punk, there's still fence mending that needs to be done for them to work together and everything like that. It could happen, it may not happen. Time will tell. But with FTR, it's fine. There's nothing at all that would hold up if they wanna do a tag team title program at some point tomorrow. Everyone's cool with that. FTR worked really hard on that, too. They went out of their way to get that done. There was stuff there, of course... but it was not nearly as bad of an issue as it was with Punk. It was much easier to mend. So anyway, that's all taken care of."

While all is apparently well between FTR and the Elite, the situation with CM Punk is very different.


It was previously noted how the Second City Saint has attempted to apologise for his role at Brawl Out last September, but that this attempt has been shut down by the Elite and legal personnel. Likewise, there have been reports that Kenny Omega is open to speaking with Punk and putting this matter behind them, but that is not the case where at least one of the Young Bucks is concerned.

Obviously, one would hope that these bridges can be repaired and that this real-life issue can be used to fuel a fantastic on-screen rivalry which delivers excellent, engaging storytelling and action, and generates a whole bunch of buzz and money for AEW and all involved. For now, though, that outcome seems extremely unlikely.

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