Backstage Heat On Sammy Guevara In AEW?

The Spanish God busted Matt Hardy's head open in a spot gone wrong this week.


Sammy Guevara caught backstage heat after accidentally busting Matt Hardy's head open on this week's episode of AEW Dynamite.

This is according to the Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez, who reports that several people within the company gave 'The Spanish God' a "stern talking to" after an incident that left Hardy requiring 13 stitches to close his wound.

Guevara launched a steel chair at Matt's face before flip-splashing him through a table. Per Alvarez, Sammy wasn't supposed to throw the projectile with such force and also used the wrong chair, leading to Hardy's wounds. It is stated that Guevara rushed the set piece after struggling to find the folding chair AEW had positioned for him at ringside, leading to him using a much heavier one instead.


He was met with an understandably unhappy backstage reaction after returning to the locker-room.

Hardy's injuries aren't thought to be serious, though there's currently no word on whether or not he'll have to miss any TV time. Here's hoping that isn't the case - the feud is really starting to heat up.


Guevara recently returned from serving an unpaid 30-day suspension when a years-old clip of him making disparaging remarks towards WWE's Sasha Banks resurfaced online.

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