Backstage Injury Update On WWE NXT's Tony D'Angelo

The Don of NXT suffered a knee injury on this week's TV outing.

Tony D'Angelo NXT 2.0

With this week's episode of NXT seeing Tony D'Angelo suffer a very legitimate knee injury, there now comes an update on this setback for Tony D.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer is under the impression that, whilst the injury is indeed genuine and not simply part of a greater story, D'Angelo shouldn't be out of action for too long. In fact, Meltzer stated that the Don of NXT will not require surgery, which is obviously a huge relief.

Tony suffered this injury during a bout against Wes Lee in which the winner would qualify for Halloween Havoc's ladder match for the vacant North American Championship. The mob man was unable to finish that TV contest, and thus it's Lee who advances to Halloween Havoc.


Given how this latest episode of NXT was actually taped two weeks ago - and with reports at that time indicating that D'Angelo had suffered an injury during those tapings - many were surprised to see the match actually make air this week. As such, it could well be that NXT does indeed end up spinning this into some sort of storyline for Tony.

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