Backstage News On WWE's Relationship With FOX

Here's what FOX thinks of ratings for SmackDown and WWE's product generally.

WWE SmackDown 2021

Fightful Select has published a lengthy report on WWE's current relationship with FOX.

The site's sources (which it carefully notes represent both sides on "many levels") tell them that FOX aren't exactly thrilled with SmackDown's lower-than-expected ratings. At the same time, the network does realise that the show is regularly the highest-rated wrestling broadcast currently on TV.

They're also willing to cut WWE some slack due to the global pandemic.


One source also told Fightful that FOX remains unhappy about all the Peacock/WWE Network hype that fills those two hours every Friday night. The feeling on WWE's side is that FOX could've stumped up the cash to pay for major events like SummerSlam and Extreme Rules if they were really that bothered.

The station did, being fair, promote SummerSlam heavily on in-house platforms - WWE's big summer pay-per-view was hyped to the moon and back on FOX Sports, for example.


FOX are pleased that WWE brought back major stars like John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Becky Lynch too. They've noted a marked improvement since live fans returned, and are keen for that to continue over the next few months heading into 2021's end and the beginning of "WrestleMania season" in early-2022.

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