Backstage Note On "Disorganised" WWE SmackDown Tapings

Things didn't go smoothly when WWE tried to tape two SmackDowns this Tuesday.


Another week, another news report painting a chaotic picture of WWE's latest set of television tapings, with the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer noting significant changes to this week's shooting schedule at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Per Meltzer, WWE were forced to abandon plans to film two episodes of SmackDown at the PC on Tuesday. This was due to organisational reasons - which must have been pretty significant if they were impactful enough to force WWE into reconfiguring their entire schedule. Only one SmackDown show was captured instead, with the footage airing on FOX this Friday night.

WWE has had to make several scheduling changes thanks to this. Now, 13 August will see them capture footage for the missed SmackDown episode as well as the 17 August RAW. This means taping one day after a planned NXT shoot. Involved crew members will now have to stay an extra day in Orlando and on top of this, WWE has had to scrap plans to film the 21 August episode of SmackDown on 17 August, leaving them with the task of finding a new date.


No specific details on the "organisational issues" have been disclosed at this time.

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