Backstage Ricky Starks Update After Show AEW All Out 2022 Match

PPV bout between bitter rivals lasted barely five minutes.

Ricky Starks

While much of the fallout from AEW's All Out PPV has focused on the post-event media scrum and the aftermath, there are some unanswered questions from the PPV itself, including why Ricky Starks lost his match against bitter rival Powerhouse Hobbs so quickly.

If you missed it, Hobbs defeated Starks cleanly five minutes into a briskly worked match. The contest just seemed to be getting going when Starks built up momentum running the ropes, presumably to hit a spear, only for Powerhouse to grab him with a wicked spinebuster for the pin.

The short match time led to speculation that Starks was injured, but Fightful Select reports that he is actually healthy and good to compete. Hobbs, however, is in line for a push. AEW sources indicated that the match has more time budgeted, but it went short on time.


Among the other rumors out there involving Starks, the Fightful report struck down suggestions that Ricky has asked out of his contract, or that he had just signed a new contract.


We've undoubtedly not heard the last of this rivalry between the two former friends.


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