Backstage Update On Cain Velasquez's WWE Status

What's going on with the former UFC Heavyweight Champion?

Cain Velasquez

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez is currently training at the WWE Performance Center in order to prepare for his next match, having recently overcome an injury.

This is according to a new report from Wrestling Inc. stating that Velasquez recently underwent knee surgery and is now on the path to getting himself back to 100%. He had previously been pulled from a live event in Mexico City on account of the knee problems, but now seems to be working his way to a WWE ring again.

Velasquez, who signed a three-year WWE contract last October, will remain at the Performance Center for the next few weeks.

Cain was expected to appear in last month's Royal Rumble, having announced his own participation via several media sources. WWE never made it official, however, and the Mexican slugger didn't show up for the big event. His last match came at Crown Jewel 2019, with old UFC rival Brock Lesnar defeating him in a bout resembling a worked MMA/shoot style clash.

There's currently no word on when, exactly, Velasquez will return to WWE television, though there's still a Lesnar rubber match on the table.

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