Backstage Update On Corey Graves' WWE Raw Four-Letter Outburst

'Saviour Of Misbehaviour' could be in a spot of bother...

braun strowman bobby lashley

Corey Graves has publicly commented on his uncensored "holy sh*t" exclamation that bizarrely beat the bleep during last night's edition of Monday Night Raw.

The announcer forgot to self-edit as he sold the shock of Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley careering through the stage during the wild opener. Taking to Twitter after viewers heard the swear in full, Graves made light of the likely fine coming his way after fans questioned if the line was an adlib or a pre-approved non-PG aside accidentally missed by the censors.

Corey potentially staring down the barrel of a costly charge suggests that the company can't have been best pleased with the commentator's outburst, though it did at least result in the spectacular Raw stunt receiving even more attention on social media. WWE's YouTube upload removed the mention, but several live lifts left it in tact.

Braun and Bobby were stretchered out of the arena as the commentators were subsequently set up to sell the accident as legitimately life-threatening. Graves' statement didn't remotely damage the scale of the moment, but the follow-up reactions may have been a case of the organisation over-reaching to make good on his original flub.

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