Backstage Update On Davey Boy Smith Jr.'s WWE Status

New details on the former Harry Smith, who has vanished after returning to WWE in July.

Davey Boy Smith Jr

WWE is yet to assign the returning Davey Boy Smith Jr. to a brand, reports PWInsider's Mike Johnson.

Asked about Smith's status in a new Q&A, Johnson said that the 36-year-old has been re-signed by WWE but is currently stuck in "hurry up and wait" mode, with the promotion yet to reinstate him on television.

Smith returned to WWE at the 16 July 2021 set of SmackDown tapings, where he teamed with Austin Theory to defeat Odyssey Jones and Xyon Quinn in a dark match. There has been nothing from the legendary British Bulldog's son since then, however.


Dave Meltzer reported in late July that Smith was re-signed by WWE back in April but had been told to keep the news quiet. He was originally due to return through the NXT UK brand but those plans were nixed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with the Canadian seemingly set for the main roster instead.

It was reported at the time that John Laurinaitis pushed for him to be involved on Raw or SmackDown, with Vince McMahon picking SmackDown for Smith's return dark match. Where he will show up next remains a mystery.

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