Backstage Update On Heath Slater's WWE Future

Will Slater re-sign for WWE after this week's RAW appearance?

Heath Slater

All signs currently point towards Heath Slater not returning to WWE on a full-time basis after this week's headline-making RAW appearance.

Sportskeeda's Gary Cassidy wrote on Tuesday that sources have stated that Slater's RAW spot was a one-off, following on from Heath himself stating that the Drew McIntyre angle was a way of bookending his WWE career.

Slater was one of dozens of WWE independent contractors released or furloughed as part of the promotion's Black Wednesday cuts on 15 April. His RAW appearance came completely out of the blue though he won plaudits for an excellent promo criticising his former 3MB stablemate McIntyre for not helping him after he was cut, before falling to the WWE Champion in a quick squash. The duo embraced after the bell, with the Scot seeing his buddy off for the last time, continuing his feud with Dolph Ziggler in the process.


In addition to this, Cassidy writes that Slater's next confirmed appearance will be at Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows' special Talk'n Shop-A-Mania show on 1 August, though his WWE non-compete clause expires on 15 July, opening the possibility of other appearances prior to that.

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