Backstage Update On Johnny Knoxville's WWE Deal

Will Johnny Knoxville's WWE run extend beyond Royal Rumble 2022?

Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville isn't long for WWE's world.

Per WrestleVotes, the Jackass star is going to be "one and done" with the market-leading wrestling promotion after this Saturday's Royal Rumble 2022 event, where he will compete in the titular men's match.

Knoxville, who has never wrestled before, became the first person to declare himself for the men's Rumble when he uploaded a clip calling out "Roman Ruins" and "Little E" to Instagram prior to WWE Day 1 on 1 January. This then aired on the show itself, though WWE didn't officially confirm the 50-year-old as a participant until the 7 January episode of SmackDown.


Sami Zayn has been Knoxville's onscreen foil since then. The duo have appeared opposite each other in a number of Jackass-style segments, with Knoxville typically getting the better of the former Intercontinental Champion. Last week, Knoxville closed 'InZayn' by shocking Sami with a cattle prod and bundling him out of the ring, simulating a Rumble elimination.

Knoxville's WWE run serves as part of the marketing campaign for the upcoming Jackass Forever film, which is released around the world on 4 February 2022.

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