Backstage Update On JONAH's NJPW/IMPACT Wrestling Status

Details on the former Bronson Reed, who has shown up in NJPW and IMPACT recently.

JONAH NJPW Battle in the Valley

The former Bronson Reed has been everywhere as of late, showing up in New Japan Pro Wrestling and IMPACT Wrestling following the expiration of his WWE non-compete clause.

Speaking with Fightful Select, JONAH stated that while he isn't under an exclusive New Japan contract, the promotion's Rocky Romero had contacted him within days of being released by WWE earlier this year, stating the company wanted to work with him. NJPW is JONAH's key priority at the moment, with the group's IMPACT working relationship aiding his decision to work for both promotions.

JONAH added that immigration issues led to him being booked, then unbooked, for IMPACT's Bound for Glory 2021 on 23 October. The big man ended up debuting for the company at Turning Point the following month instead.


The 33-year-old was released as part of a group of NXT and 205 Live roster firings on 6 August, with WWE attributing these to "budget cuts". JONAH told Fightful that Shawn Michaels contacted him in the aftermath, telling the Australian to make WWE rue the day they ever let him go.

JONAH worked his first post-WWE match on NJPW STRONG's 15 November tapings in Riverside, California, defeating Lucas Riley in what was effectively a squash match.

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