Backstage Update On Kacy Catanzaro Quitting WWE

Could the promising NXT prospect be set to stay after all?

Kacy Catanzaro

This past Sunday brought the surprising news that top NXT prospect Kacy Catanzaro had quit WWE following a back injury, having not wrestled since competing on a July house show.

Now, it looks like WWE are desperately trying to cling on to the former American Ninja Warrior competitor.

Casey Michael, whose Squared Circle Sirens site broke the original story, tweeted the following last night:-


If accurate, this leaves Catanzaro's status in limbo, though, as Cageside Seats pointed out yesterday, her first "post-WWE" tweet didn't exactly feel like it had come from somebody who is no longer with the promotion:-


That WWE would want to keep hold of a promising competitor like Catanzaro is understandable. Though not yet a regular NXT TV feature, her developmental, Mae Young Classic, and Royal Rumble 2019 cameos have shown her to be a charming performer with a number of unique spots in her arsenal. Her acrobatics and inherent babyface qualities should give her a headstart in getting over with crowds, though she isn't yet the finished article.


WWE haven't been shy of plastering Catanzaro's relationship with Ricochet all over social media and other video productions either. They like her a lot, so let's see if they can convince her.

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