Backstage Update On Keith Lee's WWE Return

New update on Limitless' WWE status.

Keith Lee Bobby Lashley

After five months on the sidelines, Keith Lee finally made his long-awaited WWE return on last night's episode of Raw.

That return saw Limitless answer an open challenge from WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, with the All Mighty getting the win here. With many wondering whether this was merely a one-off appearance for Lee or part of a full-time return to action, PWInsider has an update on Big Keith's status.

The belief is that Keith Lee has been cleared for a full-time return to the ring, and that he will now continue on as a member of the Raw roster.


It's still not yet known as to why exactly the former NXT Champion was out of action since February, although Lee has previously promised to explain his absence to fans as and when he's able to do so.

As for what's next for Keith on Raw, there are countless possibilities for the ridiculously talented star. Prior to his absence, Lee was mixing it up towards the top of the card with the likes of Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman, so it will be interesting to see where Limitless slots in on the Raw from here on out.

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