Backstage Update On Kenny Omega's AEW Booking

Omega set to Clean up?


A star who simultaneously dominates the wrestling discourse and is not as relevant as he was two years ago, Kenny Omega has drawn criticism in some circles for starring as a World Tag Team Champion in a promotion that values tag team wrestling and singles wrestling equally.

AEW's successful decision to have Chris Jericho establish the legitimacy of the World Championship led to much criticism from a position of bad faith and earnest confusion.

Surely, Omega has answered the complaint (were it valid) now - WWE's presentation of tag team wrestling does not alter how it is presented in other promotions - and Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has revealed that the plan all along was to establish Omega as the company Ace in the second year of operations. This is possibly because babyfaces chase as the best thrust of their arc, and in Omega's particular case, this type of story yielded what is consensus the greatest in-ring programme ever. This was the initial, pre-global shutdown plan, anyway. Meltzer speculated on Wrestling Observer Radio that it may still be the case.


See you next year for a very special episode of Bad Faith Discourse entitled 'Kenny Omega: Jerk EVP Uses Power To Get Himself Over'.

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